Jason Reddish

Jason Reddish

Candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court, Howard County

  • Political Party: Democratic
  • Birthdate: 11/25/1980
  • Education: JD, Tulane; BS, physiology/neurobiology, Maryland
  • Political Experience: Political novice
  • Professional Experience: attorney

“Leverage technology to maximize resources, move forward with renovations and ensure access for all citizens. www.reddish2010.com”

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Jason Reddish’s Blog

Working Hard for Howard County

There are many challenges inherent to running a county-wide race for a position, Clerk of the Circuit Court, that gets little attention. In many ways, though, the labor that I am investing to show Howard County how hard I will work not only to obtain this privilege, but once I have it, is incredibly rewarding. In the past ten days I have volunteered at the Kidz Triathalon in Columbia, participated in a community clean-up in Savage, supported a fantastic grassroots Cookout for the Cure (breast cancer) that raised hundreds of dollars, and visited over 2000 doors to talk to residents or just to leave behind some literature describing my goals for our courthouse. I do all of this while commuting to Washington, D.C., for a full-time job that supports me while I press my candidacy.

While I would love to be able to launch wave after wave of mailings or have an army of volunteers doing this work for me, I enjoy the positive reactions I receive from nearly every citizen I meet. With over 275,000 residents in the county and 100,000 votes likely to be cast, I won’t be able to meet all of you. I can only hope that those of you who I do encounter can spread the word that there is a candidate who will bring a fresh energy and strong leadership to our Circuit Court.

I look forward to seeing you in the community or on your doorstep. Learn more at www.reddish2010.com

Gaining Steam!

I am very pleased to announce that my campaign was endorsed by both the Columbia Democratic Club and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council of the AFL-CIO. Our message is resonating with every audience, regardless of party affiliation, and I am honored to have both organizations put their name behind me.

Authorized by Jason Reddish for Clerk of Court, Alexandra Costlow – Treasurer

Elect Jason Reddish to Howard County Clerk of Court

My name is Jason Reddish, and I am a Democrat running for the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court for Howard County, Maryland. The Clerk of Court should be someone with a blend of legal, management and technical experience, and as an attorney, I possess those skills. Join me as I campaign to leverage technology to maximize resources, move forward with a planned renovation to the Circuit Courthouse that would infuse $4.5 million into the local economy and ensure that all citizens enjoy equal access to our courts.

Howard County, Maryland, is changing rapidly with the times, and our Circuit Court is no exception. We are entering a major transition period, during which much of the business of the Court will be conducted electronically. While that alone would pose an enormous challenge for any jurisdiction, the historic Howard County Courthouse is scheduled to undergo a much-needed $4.5 million renovation during the same time that will likely require the Court to relocate to temporary facilities.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is vested with many responsibilities by the Constitution of Maryland and the Annotated Code of Maryland, including oversight of case files, land records, the issuance of licenses and the collection of fees. The position, though often overlooked, impacts thousands of county citizens every year.

As an attorney with both management and technical experience, I have the skills, ideas and energy to guide the Clerk’s Office not only through these challenges, but beyond them. We must leverage technology to meet the ever-increasing burdens placed on the Court, maximizing our resources. At the same time, we must ensure that our judicial system is accessible to all citizens, regardless of economic background, education or sophistication.

My opponent was first elected to this office in 1990, when most of the business of the Court was conducted with typewriters and word processors. There is a fine line between experience and inertia, and we cannot afford to be on the wrong side of that line for these upcoming events.

Howard County’s judicial system should be an example not just for Maryland’s counties, but for jurisdictions across the nation. Join me in helping us take the lead.

Learn more at my website, www.reddish2010.com.

Authorized by Jason Reddish for Clerk of Court, Alexandra Costlow – Treasurer

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