Jim Stavropoulos Jr.

Jim Stavropoulos Jr.

Candidate for Maryland State Senate, District 7

  • Political Party: Democratic
  • Birthdate: 08/10/1957
  • Education: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
  • Political Experience: Candidate for Md. House of Delegates 2006
  • Professional Experience: 30 years sales & mgt., outreach director

“Our Future Starts NOW!” – Elect Jim Stavropoulos Jr. Md. State Senate 2010

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Jim Stavropoulos Jr.’s Blog

I Told You It Was Big!!!

Senate Candidate Accused Of Changing Name To Gain Votes

Rebecca Nelson Running For 7th District

POSTED: 5:54 pm EDT September 21, 2010
UPDATED: 7:06 pm EDT September 21, 2010


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Big Announcement Coming Soon!!!

Stay tuned for details!!!

I would like to give special thanks to all of my volunteers & the over 3400 voters who support me. I would also like to say I am sorry to the 4100 people who didn’t … and this is why…

Early on in my campaign, I was sent the following letter from an anonymous supporter.  This person wanted me to publish it.  I decided not to allow it because I wanted to win  based on the issues and not by mud slinging as she had done to me.  Now, I feel it is my obligation to release the truth at this time.

“Rebecca L. Nelson t/a Rebecca Weir Nelson “NOT” for Senate (7th Dist.)

is a real convicted CRIMINAL!

Being that the primary is coming up Sept. 14th, I have been doing some research on our candidates.  I am shocked at the things I have discovered and believe you should also know.  This article is about Rebecca Lynn Weir Nelson.  Who is this person and why does she think she could do any of us any good?  Maybe it is just a head game for her or maybe she is a plant to destroy the Democratic ticket.

Rebecca L. Nelson has a criminal record.  No wonder she is using a newly self proclaimed name as Rebecca Weir Nelson for this primary.  She needed to bring some credibility back.  So, why not bite off the good name of Weir in which she is barely related? This way no one could find her on MD Judiciary and learn the truth, I did.

Rebecca L. Nelson has been convicted as an illegal backyard Pit Bulldog Breeder! She confined and bred dogs in her house then posted for sale signs down the road at a local business. This is an active case filed by (BALTIMORE COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL DIVISION) (case no. 080400127832006 in District Court for Baltimore County).Upon her being found guilty she was ordered to pay a judgment of $1400.00. (The source: Maryland Judiciary Case Search Results).  Did she pay up yet?

Not to mention an assault in the 2nd degree charge (case no. 3C00266766) in District Court of Baltimore County (06/20/2007) and it goes on and on from here.

Rebecca L. Nelson claims that she is the editor/publisher/founder of the “American Dream Newspaper”.  If you go by the building that she advertises as the place of doing business for her newspaper (located at 761 Washington Blvd. in Baltimore City) it is boarded up.  There is no such newspaper except in California. I have called her “newspaper” a few times to ask how I can get a copy and have never received a reply.  It is her voice on the answering machine.

Rebecca L. Nelson has this “SPEAK UNITY NATIONAL INITIATIVE” group that she talks about a lot and likes to take great credit for.  I wonder how much time is invested by the four members of this group.  Her boyfriend Gregory, a man named Werewolf Jimmy Smith, a listed user from Bethesda MD and of course –Rebecca.

Rebecca L. Nelson has been charged for stealing from Macy’s Department store.

Rebecca L. Nelson has been evicted from her residence. She claims she made a payment on her jailed boyfriend/live in’s home and thought she had rights to it.  Her stuff was on the road one day.

This is a cut and paste of her MySpace page when she ran for The House of Delegates in 2006:

“My name is Rebecca L. Nelson I am running for state delagate district 07 in baltimore city, county, and also Harford county. our country seperated church and state. church refers to practice of gods laws. similar to legalism is mans laws. in god we trust. stop reporting witness names and address on carging documents crimnals trade information in detention centers for retaliation. does any one know? ; junk furnitur is a dealers sygn when a mattress is a there in bussiness selling drugs when its down beware. hoverment inforcment agancies animal, code, health, ect… assist the drug addtic dealers to create and complane syting good people out of ther propert 65,000 in baltimore city. eminate is coveting by gov. not the people/ to benifite developers to “discover” historic, usa. expose and disolve the ” good old boy” conncion between baltimore county “essex” weekend police force taking there orders from district state “kelso” g.harold ressell. our goverment is requisitioning ou water ways and historic resorces are being auctioned off the middle river depo marked as middle river station. also, lockhedd martion is selling the water front that was asseable to resadints; now, to private builders. gov. and privet bussiness will benafite while local resadince have gown without; a county library, police station, and state reprisentation. redistricting by slpitting essex/ middle river is destructive our haratige sisiaty represents”for over 100 years” one CommUnity one nation under god. amerdreamnews@hotmail.com 410-727-3728 fax 410-682-6838 look out for the aero angels news flyer and the american news paper alternitive to pan handling. kitty garcia treassur

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/124106994#ixzz0tIDaEPho

What? This is near illiteracy! She says she is an editor and runs a newspaper? Maybe she was high when she wrote that.  She does like to represent herself in peace signs and ’60 – ’70’s attire. Just like this sample of her work, she has been asked direct question and goes off on tangents of rants that make no sense and have nothing to do with the question asked.

Rebecca L. Nelson also says that she is/was in the witness protection program.  Do you know of anyone who would run for an elected office and put herself in harms way of the public eye if this was actual?  This sounds a bit crazy to me.

She has been seen in tight, short dresses riding motorcycles. Not a proper way to show up at public events.  Please spare us this scene “Aunt Becky”!

Rebecca states that she lives in Abingdon but she is a registered voter in Middle River. Is she ashamed or is she a “wanna be”?

Use this link to see for yourself all about Rebecca L. Nelson…


Read about Rebecca L. Nelson’s antics across the board. Another case, JUNE 2010, in which a disabled man sued her (his guardian) and was awarded a monetary settlement and received a newly named guardian.  She has lost many cases where she is the defendant and the cases are still open and active.

She was charged on 3/16/2010 and 6/11/2009 driving without insurance and a suspended registration and failure to obey laws as well as DISOBEYING the police. She seems to not pay on her debt and penalties?  How can Rebecca L Nelson help to create rules, laws and improvements to MD when she obviously does not believe in them or cannot succeed to rectify her criminal mistakes for that matter?  Rebecca L. Nelson, Rebecca Weir Nelson, Rebecca Clubb, Aunt Becky or who ever she wants to be today is trying to be OUR MD State Senator, really? She never wanted this job anyway; in June she was running for Delegate then literally switched at the last minute because no one was slated on July 6th at 8:45 PM to run against. It is all on record.  I did the work for me and passing it on to you and ultimately all for US. I urge you to check it out for yourself and then    spread    the     word!

She is trying to pull another one over our eyes, don’t let this illegal dog breeder get away with any more than she has already gotten away with.  She has nothing to offer us.  In my opinion, she should never have been allowed to run for a public government office in the first place. This person is one HUGE NO!”

I have also received information recently that the Citizens for Rebecca Weir Nelson’s campaign has not filed her financial report with the MD Board of Elections as of this date and is currently being fined $340.00 and it is accruing daily.

Here is a quote in Rebecca’s own words in the Towson Times dated August 31, 2010

“Bryan, I stated that with inkind donations, I have collected close to $5,000. before the primary, so, of course, I will be spending more than this $5,000. ”

Why has she not reported it?  Anything over $1,000.00 must be reported, its the law.

I am glad I had a moment to make everyone an informed voter so the same mistakes are not made for the upcoming general election in November.

I want to reiterate that I have nothing to gain personally by making this public now.  I only want us all to make the right choice for MD State Senator in the 7th district.


Jim Stavropoulos Jr.

Stavropoulos To Be Elected Based On The Issues He Stands For And Not His Past accomplishments.

I have received many awards for my service in my community & the counties,but…

I believe the focus should be on creating programs to retool the out of work. May people are having trouble finding positions in their current trade. By appropriating funds to establish programs it will give many a new lease on life. I would like to sponsor legislation that aids workforce development.

To help the small business, I will propose additional tax credits necessary for small businesses to help them to survive. Currently, the large mega stores are eating up many of them. The small businessmen & women helped build our communities.

There is a dire need for a new high school in northeast Baltimore County. State & Local officials need to get together to get this done. Our children deserve the best.

I’m not going to bash the current  politicians in office, but I do believe some of them have forgotten where they came from.

I also hope  people listen to what I have to say and decide it is time for a change & improvement of our current situation.

The country, the state and surrounding areas are very important to all of us, but as your Senator my job is to serve & protect the people of the 7th. District as I have as a community activist for many years.

“The one thing you want to remember about me is that I am a man of the people.” I am never going to be above the people and I will always remember where I came from.”
Let us be heard! Let our actions mean something and be real!

For these reasons this is why…

I’m am your best choice!

“Make you vote count!”

“Elect Jim Stavropoulos Jr. MD. State Senator 7th District 2010!”

“Our Future Starts NOW!”

Contributions may be mailed to Support Jim Stavropoulos Jr. for State Senate 30 Blue Heron Court, Middle River MD. 21220. Anyone who would like to join Team Stavropoulos and become a winner along with him as a volunteer should call him at 410-493-0901.

For more information on  Jim Stavropoulos Jr. visit his website at


Stavropoulos Leads Test Poll Returns

By Associated Press Writer | (AP)
Published: September 08, 2010

The following are TEST returns.

District 7

10 of 32 precincts – 31 percent

Jim Stavropoulos 2,812 – 55 percent

Rebecca Nelson 2,272 – 45 percent

Towson Times:Here are our endorsements for 2010 primary election

Editorial Posted 9/01/2010

Our endorsements for candidates in the Sept. 14 primary election were a consensus of the Baltimore County editorial board of Patuxent Publishing Co., publishers of this newspaper. The core of our endorsement process was the editorial board conducting face-to-face meetings with all candidates for a particular office in the same room at the same time. As candidates answered our questions in turn, we were able to more closely compare their respective insights, views and temperaments.

But our decisions were not based exclusively on these voluntary meetings, and in some cases attendance was impossible for some candidates. In those instances, and as part of the overall process, we also took into account public statements, writings, résumés, other interviews and voting records. Below are our recommendations for the contested primaries

District 7 Democrats

This was to be one of the hottest races in the state with County Executive Jim Smith leading the Annapolis delegation ticket. But then Smith declined to run, and two candidates jumped in. For this district, which hugs the east county border, we support Jim Stavropoulos.

Stavropoulos is a sales consultant and is a strong proponent of workforce development.

Aegis Your Best Source for Harford County News Since 1856!” 9-1-2010 Announces their endorsements in the Democratic Primary 7 District Race

“In the Democratic race for senate, there are two candidates,
Rebecca Weir Nelson and Jim Stavropoulos Jr. In this race, the
edge goes to Stavropoulos, largely because of his experience in the
private sector.
The Aegis recommends Democrats vote in the District 7 primary
for Beard, Morrow and Sargent for house; and for Stavropoulos in
the senate race.”

“Congratulations Team 2010!”

“The Wave For The People”

who would like to support the working men & women by joining
“The Wave for the People” Call Working Man Jim @ 410-493-0901 or email… friendsofjimsjr@aol.com for next location. Thank you for your support!

Check out Jim’s New Website Very Informative!

Check out new web site by typing in top search bar … www.workingmanjim.com

Jim’s Qualifications & Views On Important Issues


Community activist for many years, former Vice President of Hawthorne Civic Association (over 3000 residences), and a great working relationship with local, state elected officials & members of the private sector.


I believe in the workingman & women, a strong economy, and a cleaner environment.


Continue the funding of BRAC (Base Closure and Realignment) at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. When this is completed in 2011, it is estimated that there will be 10,000 personnel transferred to APG and 40,000 jobs created. This program is very important to the Harford County Area.

Business Taxes:

Yes. Additional tax credits are necessary for small businesses to help to them survive. Currently the large mega stores are eating many up of them.. The small businessmen & women helped build our communities.

Safety net services:

Yes. Many local governments are in trouble due to large deficits and have considered making cuts to public officials such as fire dept. & police officials. This can not be allowed to happen.


The state should apply for more federal funding to help ease the burden from local governments.


Maryland should continue research programs into sources such as windmill power and other alternative ways to find new energy we need.

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