Jim Wilhelm

Jim Wilhelm

Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 3rd District

  • Political Party: Republican
  • Birthdate: 09/20/1964
  • Education: United States Naval Academy 1984
  • Political Experience: None
  • Professional Experience: Business consultant

“Concentrated Power has always been the enemy of liberty.” – Ronald Reagan

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Jim Wilhelm’s Blog

Recent Events Weekend of 7-8 August

Jim attended the Tri-Club picnic in Pasadena, Md, and the Howard County Fair in West Friendship on Saturday 7 August. Constituents top concerns were the economy and jobs. We just saw that only 71,000 jobs were created in the recent employment report, and unemployment remains high at 9.5%. The policies of this administration and Congress have not and will not improve the economy because they are the wrong policies. The anti-business, more taxes, deficit spending philosophy prevents business owners from hiring. Congress continues deficit spending under Pelosi and Reid. Not until a Republican Congress is elected with the economy turn around.

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