Joseph T. Krysztoforski

Joseph T. Krysztoforski

Candidate for US House of Representatives, 6th District

  • Political Party: Republican
  • Birthdate: 09/30/1953
  • Education: BA/BS, Psychology, Education, Social Science
  • Political Experience: U.S. congressional candidate; political activist
  • Professional Experience: Exec 30+ yr banking, finance, health care

“It's about the people, it’s about the future, it’s about the principles upon which the country was founded.”

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Joseph Krysztoforski’s Blog

Conservative Congress Endorses Candidate

For Immediate Release:

July 20, 2010 (Frederick, MD) – Joseph Krysztoforski was notified today that the national group,  Conservative Congress  endorsed his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“We were very excited to endorse Joe Krysztoforski for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District as a true Conservative candidate.  Joe is the type of leader that we need in DC to bring real conservative values back to the forefront in the issues we are fighting in our country today” said Nick Brown, Chairman of the organization. “In these difficult and important times, the voters in Maryland’s 6th District are lucky to have a common-sense, conservative candidate like Joe Krysztoforski.”

The organization, Conservative Congress, founded in 2009, is chartered with holding accountable candidates and elected officials that champion conservative views but are not supporting or voting those views once elected.

“Krysztoforski is a true leader! He has executive experience; he’s principled, direct and grounded in his beliefs. He understands the issues and knows what needs to be done” said Dale Davis, a districy resident.

“I am honored to have received the endorsement and support of the Conservative Congress.” said Krysztoforski. “I ask 6th District voters to stand with the Conservative Congress, support my candidacy and vote Joseph Krysztoforski on September 14. Together we can take back Congress from entrenched career politicians and return the House to the control of the people.”

Krysztoforski for Congress – Campaign Committee JTK for Congress


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  1. Evelyn says:

    Congratulations on the endorsement. I’m looking forward to next Tuesday’s Meet and Greet in Washington County at the Potomac Club.

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