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Martin O'Malley

Candidate for Governor

  • Political Party: Democratic
  • Birthdate: 01/18/1963
  • Education: MD Law, Catholic U, Gonzaga College High
  • Political Experience: Governor, Baltimore mayor, city councilman
  • Professional Experience: Assistant state's attorney, Baltimore City

“Moving Maryland Forward”

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Martin O'Malley’s Blog


Today, Former Republican Congressman Wayne T. Gilchrest formally endorsed Martin O’Malley for Governor.  Citing Governor O’Malley’s commitment to families on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and environmental stewardship, Congressman Gilchrest’s endorsement comes just two days after Governor O’Malley received the endorsement of The Star Democrat and The Washington Post.

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“Congressman Gilchrest has served our state and our country with honor and distinction.  I am humbled to have his support in this election and I am honored to call him my friend” said Governor Martin O’Malley.  “Moving our state forward isn’t about partisanship and ideology, it’s about working together to build a brighter future for the next generation and preserving our natural resources that are absolutely vital to our quality of life.”

O’Malley continued, “I look forward to continuing to work with Congressman Gilchrest on our efforts to restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay, protect our State Parks, and teach our children to be environmental stewards.”

“Governor O’Malley is to be commended for making the tough decisions to move Maryland forward during very difficult economic times,” said Congressman Gilchrest.  “His efforts to restore the health of the Bay, preserve our open space, and teach our children important lessons about environmental stewardship are helping to improve the quality of life for countless families on the Eastern Shore.  I know Martin O’Malley.  I have counseled him on environmental policy and I know he makes all of his decisions with the best interests of Maryland families in mind.”

Congressman Gilchrest represented Maryland’s Eastern Shore for decades and is well known for his strong stance on protecting Maryland’s environment–a commitment shared by the O’Malley-Brown administration.  Before he was elected to Congress, Congressman Gilchrest served in the United States Marines and was a high school teacher at Kent County High School.

Governor O’Malley has been recognized as a national leader in implementing effective environmental restoration policies.  And because of his innovative BayStat program and effective policies, the Maryland Blue Crab population is at a ten-year high and the Bay is the healthiest it’s been since 2002.


“We have the momentum, but we need your help to bring this thing home. Watch this video and then sign up for a GOTV shift here.”

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O’Malley Administration Partnered With Law Enforcement to Clear DNA Backlog, Enact Strong Domestic Violence Legislation, and Crack Down On Sexual Predators

Baltimore, MD (October 22, 2010) — The O’Malley-Brown campaign today released a new TV ad touting the O’Malley-Brown administration’s strong public safety record. The ad, “Safety,” is currently airing in the Baltimore market.

It can be viewed here.

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“Governor Martin O’Malley has made protecting Maryland families a top priority,” said Tom Russell, O’Malley-Brown Campaign Manager.

“Under Governor O’Malley’s leadership, violent crime in Maryland is down to its lowest level since 1975.  It’s yet another area where out state is making progress and yet another reminder why we must continue to move forward in this election.”

  • After inheriting a backlog of 24,000 unanalyzed and 15,000 uncollected DNA samples, Governor O’Malley allocated the necessary resources to eliminate the backlog leading to case closures and arrests of violent fugitives.  In 2009 alone, 103 murderers, rapists, and other criminals who might otherwise be walking the streets, were arrested thanks to DNA technology.
  • Governor O’Malley and Lt. Governor Brown worked with countless stakeholders and advocates to take firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers in Maryland.  Governor O’Malley also signed legislation into law that allows a tenant who is a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault to terminate a residential lease or request that their locks be changed with certain written notice, including a final protective or peace order.  Lt. Governor Brown, the administration’s point person for domestic violence policy, worked with legislators and stakeholders to pass the bill.
  • Governor O’Malley signed bipartisan legislation to increase mandatory minimum sentences for sexual offenders and require mandatory lifetime supervision of sexual predators.


Ehrlich Falls Back on Shrill, Increasingly Desperate Attacks As His Campaign Loses Momentum

Baltimore, MD (October 21, 2010) — Governor O’Malley emerged as the clear victor in Thursday’s WOLB debate, which covered a wide range of subjects including jobs, education, health care, public safety, wellness issues, and veterans issues.  O’Malley focused on the tough choices we’ve made to keep our state moving forward for all Marylanders, while former Governor Ehrlich fell back on more shrill, misleading, and increasingly desperate attacks.

In his closing remarks, O’Malley noted that Maryland is making the difficult choices to move forward in challenging times.

“We have to keep moving forward. In order for our President to be successful in moving our country forward, we need to keep Maryland moving forward,” said O’Malley.
“In every fight I have stood up for you. I serve no special interest but the interests of the people of our state.  We need a Governor who is willing and able to bring people together and secure a better future for our children.”

By contrast, Bob Ehrlich continued a troubling pattern of shrill and desperate attacks that have increased in frequency as his campaign has slipped in the polls and lost momentum.  Ehrlich failed to make education a priority when he was Governor, spent more than any governor in Maryland history, and jacked up college tuition 40%.

Ehrlich received an “F” from the NAACP every year between 1997 and 2002.

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Ehrlich Stumbles With Discredited, Negative Attacks; Pledges to Take Maryland Backwards

Baltimore, MD (October 11, 2010) – Governor O’Malley emerged as the clear victor in the first gubernatorial debate, leveling with Marylanders about the tough choices we’ve made to move our economy forward.

In his closing remarks, O’Malley struck an optimistic tone, noting that Maryland is making the difficult choices to move forward in challenging times and will continue to move forward with the right leadership.

“In every tough fight I have always been on your side,” said Governor O’Malley.

“Big banks, the big utility companies, and the big mortgage companies have all the government affairs specialists money can buy. But I serve only one interest: yours,” added O’Malley.

By contrast, Bob Ehrlich struggled to lay out a clear vision for the next four years, instead falling back on discredited and misleading negative attacks and pledging to take Maryland back to the failed policies of the past, when he raised taxes and fees on every Maryland family by a total of $3 billion, spent more than any governor in Maryland history, and jacked up college tuition 40%.

New Ad: Ehrlich will say anything to get elected

The O’Malley-Brown campaign today released a new TV ad calling out Bob Ehrlich on his desperate attacks, which have been repeatedly discredited by the media.  The ad, “Say Anything,” is currently airing in the Baltimore market.

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“Bob Ehrlich will say anything to try to get himself elected–whether that’s launching desperate and false attacks or denying his own record of raising $3 billion in taxes and fees and making $2.5 million representing special interests at a lobbying firm.  On the issues that matter to Maryland families, Bob Ehrlich just isn’t a leader who can be trusted,” said Rick Abbruzzese, O’Malley-Brown Deputy Campaign Manager.

The script of the ad is as follows:

“Say Anything”

Bob Ehrlich is desperate, and he’ll say anything to get elected
Negative attacks the media have repeatedly called  “dishonest” and “total malarkey”…
And why can’t we trust Bob Ehrlich?
Because he raised taxes and fees by $3 Billion then denied it
Because he says he’s for us – but made $2.5 million at a special interest lobbying firm.
And Ehrlich says he’ll cut education again, if elected Governor.
Bob Ehrlich, a career politician we really can’t trust

New TV Ad: We can’t trust Ehrlich on budget.

The O’Malley-Brown campaign today released a new TV ad calling attention to Bob Ehrlich’s budget-busting plans to increase state spending by a billion dollars without plans to pay for these empty promises.  The ad, “Trust,” is airing in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. markets.

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“Marylanders know that Bob Ehrlich was the biggest spending governor in Maryland history who raised taxes by $3 billion, so it’s no surprise he’s not a leader we can trust when it comes to the budget,” said Rick Abbruzzese, O’Malley-Brown Deputy Campaign Manager.

The script of the ad is as follows:

Female#1 :  Bob Ehrlich says he wants to fix Maryland
Male #2: But he increased state spending by record amounts.
Female #2: Ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees
Female #3: Including property taxes
Female #4: And a 40% increase in college tuition..
Male #1: And now he’s made over a billion dollars in new promises?
Female #5: With no plans to pay for them
Female #6: Except for cutting education
Female #1: Cuts that will layoff teachers and increase class sizes
Female #7: That’s not a budget
Female #8: And Bob Ehrlich’s not the kind of leader
Female #1: We can trust.

Moving MD Forward Debate One Highlights

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I was at WJZ’s studios today for the taping of our first debate, and I have to tell you: Governor O’Malley knocked it out of the park.

Independent news media are already calling Governor O’Malley the “clear winner,” saying he was “poised and in control,” “prepared,” and “set the terms of the debate from the start.”

I strongly encourage you to see this for yourself.  If you’re in the Baltimore area, join us tonight at Mother’s Federal Hill Grille, located at 1113 S. Charles Street.  We’ll be there beginning at 6:30PM cheering Governor O’Malley on as he lays out the clear choice we face in this election.

If you can’t make it to Mother’s, you can watch the debate tonight at 7PM on WJZ and other media outlets or view the live stream on your computer at

Governor O’Malley is focused and ready to Move Maryland Forward, but we need your help in this crucial final stretch.

If you’d like to attend this Thursday’s Washington Post debate at noon in Washington, D.C., you can register here.

Register now, as seating is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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