Michael Hargadon

Michael Hargadon

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

  • Political Party: Constitution
  • Birthdate: 09/28/1951
  • Education: MS, DDS
  • Political Experience: Ran for Congress in 2008 against Elijah Cummings, 7th District
  • Professional Experience: Dentistry in the Baltimore area, 27 years

“www.Hargadon4LtGovernor.com ” – Authority: Friends of Mike Hargadon, Bill Knell Treasurer

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Michael Hargadon’s Blog

Less Than One Percent Is “Not Enough”

Even before our candidates declared their intent to run for office, the motto of our Constitution Party of Maryland has been “principles over party”. We assumed this would not be disruptive to our party, since all potential candidates and officers are vetted on their adherence to our seven main principles; LIFE, LIBERTY, FAMILY, PROPERTY, THE CONSTITUTION, STATES RIGHTS AND AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY. We also assumed that as advocacy groups viewed our positions, they might endorse us, or throw us some print media. We figured that the one percent in the governor’s race, which we needed to maintain ballot access for the next election, should be doable. It was not! It may take a few days to process our loss at the polls, but I think I got the message: We just were, not enough.

Take our first principle, “Life”. We just were not pro-life enough. Even though our party’s executive committee questioned each potential candidate, and rejected half for their weak life position. Even though each of our candidates professed before our Executive Committee that: they believe that life starts at conception, that the rights of each human life should be protected using our constitution, and that Roe v Wade should be taken for what it is: not a law, just an opinion. Maybe you didn’t notice the accolades? There weren’t any. Our governor candidate, Eric Knowles, challenged a life-long career pro-abort, and a flaming liberal incumbent. We just weren’t pro-life enough? Not one of our pro-life candidates, were endorsed by Maryland Right to Life; not even our chairman, Mike Dawson, who ran for Delegate in 34b. He is arguably one of the best pro-lifers in Maryland, but the Maryland Right to Life failed to endorse him. Even Janet Baker, who writes regularly in Defend Life, and her blog, could not give our governor candidate a nod. This became perfectly clear as we sat at the Annual Pro-life Appreciation Dinner at which 500 people gathered for a great evening to celebrate those who support human life. Our table of ten, (half of them candidates), was placed next to a complimentary candidate information table, dominated by Harris propaganda, and bordered with “Ehrlich/ Harris” lawn signs. We just were “not pro-life enough?”

How about our second principle: “Liberty”. Liberty is the new word that the GOP just recently learned to say. After the 2008 defeat, the GOP was lifeless, and in dire need of support. Following George [Patriot Act] Bush, the GOP needed to tap into the grass roots energy, which their ostracized Congressman Ron Paul seemed to garner. So, they practiced some of his commonly used words like: the “constitution”, “free markets”, and “liberty”. Many of our candidates had a background, or an association, with Dr. Paul’s liberty effort, Campaign for Liberty. We were part of this movement. But, when we asked the Campaign For Liberty state leadership to survey the candidates for Governor, as to their liberty positions? “No can do.” The highest office in the state, the Chief Executive, the person responsible to interpose against a run amok federal tyranny on behalf of our residents, was just not important enough?

Oh, and then there is “Family”. Family is the main reason I have been active in the Constitution Party and this campaign. I loved my childhood family of my nine brothers and sisters in my little Catholic community. I knew that if the Catholic community were aware that a pro-life, and pro-family ticket was on the ballot, the 1 % should be chump change. That’s why our chairman, Mike Dawson, insisted that the Maryland Catholic Conference, against their original intent to just use the earlier two party primary survey, resurvey all the candidates for the general election. I personally assured that our governor candidate filled out this survey. In fact, he was the only gubernatorial ballot candidate to complete all questions in the survey. His answers were in agreement with Catholic family life on abortion, marriage, and embryonic stem cell research. This, you would think, should be big? Well, the Voters Guide Supplement to the Catholic Review, which presented Eric’s completed answers on one line, separate from the questions, required a bit of puzzle solving ability. Compare this one line listing of Knowles’ answers, to the full page, and photo, that took up a third of the supplement, on each of the pro-aborts, the one who promotes the gay agenda, and the one who fired Bob Smith for quoting the Catechism. We just were not pro-family enough?

Let’s not forget the issue that encompasses the constitution and states rights: our beloved second amendment. All of our candidates are supportive of our right to bear arms. Eric Knowles is a veteran and a huge supporter of a person’s ability to carry an arm for defense. Early on, Maryland Shall Issue, a guns rights advocacy group, presented themselves as interested in hearing from, and evaluating our candidates. Maryland Shall Issue is associated with the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore along with some 20 gun clubs. After the surveys were filled out, and great speeches were delivered, the table was set for encouragement. When the recommendations were published, the Legislative Committee for the Associated Gun Clubs passed-over third party candidates. When questioned on this, we were told, “Candidates must be electable, not just pro 2nd Amendment.” So why even bother filling out the survey and making a speech, if the gatekeeper has already deemed third parties as not electable enough?

We expected this from the two main parties, the controlled media, the Republican Party disguised as Americans for Prosperity, and maybe even groups like the “non-partisan”, Jewish council who sponsored the WJZ debate, which excluded all third party candidates, but advocacy groups? Where were the people, the members, and the Boards of these advocacy groups that discounted constitutional conservatives who tried to hold the line? I also did not see surveys from the Christian Coalition or the National Riffle Association.

I think we will all soon suffer from not doing enough.

Political Volley Ball

I attended a meeting of the Maryland Society of Patriots last night to support and be present for my running mate Eric Knowles, who was scheduled to address the group. There were several other candidates and political individuals scheduled to participate. I was pleasantly surprised to notice a Sun paper reporter, apparently accompanied by a photographer. I immediately notified Eric who had already noticed the press.

The meeting started with Wargotz, GOP candidate for the Senate. He was allowed to go first because, “He is running a state-wide campaign and will have to leave early”, as if Eric Knowles’ candidacy for Governor is just a precinct matter.

Wargotz gave his stump speech of how he is a regular guy, who needs the help of patriot zeal. He offered to answer questions. The first was on health care, to which he started with four strategies to slow down the health care package. None of which dealt with its unconstitutionality. Then he quickly answered a question on foreign policy, to which he concluded that we would always fight for Israel. I was compelled to raise my hand for the “set”, and asked, “You will be taking an oath to defend the Constitution.  Do you think, either this health care package, or our war mongering in the Middle East are constitutional?”

He quickly answered, “No!”, and justified his positions by stating a litany of unconstitutional actions and programs. Because I am a candidate, I thought it best to just let his disregard for the Constitution float amongst the packed room.

He uncomfortably answered two other questions with a statement, “I am doing everything for the people”. Then, almost as an answered prayer, a young buck from a couple rows back, started to make his move. He started with a compliment about Wargotz’s web site. This seemed to relax the budding want-to-be senator. Then this patriot suggested a better quote from our founding fathers for Wargotz to consider on his web site, to curry favor with the patriot movement. Wargotz got a look of concern as if he sensed his vulnerability. Then, you could feel this guy rise above the group to seize his opportunity, “For the people, how about for the Constitution?” “What about the Constitution?” “Where on your web site is the Constitution?” He “spiked” this GOP challenger to Senator Mikulski, and it went down hill from there. Before Wargotz could find the door, he had been arguing with an arrogance usually exhibited from incumbents. Wargotz shouted, “I am tired of people hiding behind the Constitution. I am the Constitution!”

As soon as Wargotz left the room the Sun paper reporter followed, as if a personal servant. Two reports and four candidate’s speeches were squeezed into the remaining program, which ended at 9:00 pm. Eric Knowles, who is on the ballot for Governor of Maryland, gave an inspirational speech, and the house went crazy. Richard Shawver, U. S. Senate candidate from the Constitution Party, clarified Wargotz’s errors, and called attention to the GOP candidate’s soft position on illegal immigration.

As my wife and I left, Wargotz and his Sun paper reporter were chatting outside on the bench. I told the reporter that he missed a great speech by Knowles. He didn’t seem to care. They think they control the game.


Last weekend, I was cleaning up some fallen trees, and gathering firewood around the border of my property. I was moving along the yard at a good clip, with my chain saw running great. Suddenly, I felt on my wrist, that unmistakable burning of a bee sting.  I lashed at the burning area, in an attempt to destroy the little bugger that had stung me. No insect was found. I wasn’t sure if it was a hornet, wasp, yellow jacket, or honey bee. Because there was no residual stinger, and two distinct points of burning, I ruled-out the honey bee. I just moved away from the area, and kept cutting the trees, as I cursed the little devil that got me. Then I started to wonder why? Why sting me? What had I done? Did the insect get stuck under my, “Don’t Tread on Me” bracelet?

The next morning I carefully walked to the area where I remembered first feeling the burning. To my surprise, the area in which I had cut two fifteen foot trees into two foot logs was full of yellow jackets coming and going, into their ground nest. Then I realized how lucky I was. Lucky that the one individual guard took the initiative to sting me twice on the wrist. Lucky for me, that it was not a dozen, or a hundred of these ornery yellow jackets pouring over my body. Going back to view the size of the nest, I felt thankful.

Have you been stung recently?

  • Stung by the reduced purchasing value of the Federal Reserve Note?
  • Stung by the lack of confidence in a government that plays too big to fails, and mandated health coverage, against an endangered free market?
  • Stung by the absence of privacy, requiring the batteries out of the cell phones, and covers over digital video devices, just to relax in your own home?
  • Stung by the realization that our federal government responds to the desires of certain foreign nations, and not to the constitutional demands of our own citizens?
  • Stung by a political system that is designed, to appear, to give you a choice?
  • Stung by a government that has entered you under liabilities rather than assets?

Be thankful! Be thankful, and take note of the source of these venomous stings to our rights in our republic.

My bee sting has reduced to an itch. I can’t help but scratch, as I await the first good frost to destroy the nest.

Time to “Settle”?

Time To “Settle”?

This past Sunday, Brian Murphy’s Campaign had a “Refuse to Settle” rally in Annapolis. On September 9th, the Murphy Campaign sent a press release that said, “Maryland Republicans didn’t need to compromise our principles in order to win. In fact, our principles of fiscal responsibility and American family values are the keys to victory”. So what changed? What happened to all the talk about principles? What kind of principles are principles before a primary, but trash talk after the nomination extravaganza?

I belong to the Constitution Party, and our principles of Life, Liberty, Family, Property, the Constitution, States Rights, and American Sovereignty are just as important before or after the nomination process. I know many Libertarians who may have different principles than us, but the nomination process does not devalue their stand, even if the tax payers of our state would offer to pay for the “settling” process. Unlike third parties, the taxpayer pays the tab for this extravaganza as the Democrats and Republicans monopolize the media attention, and nominate their candidates.

And when do we get a “thank you”? I, and the over half a million third party, unaffiliated, and “other” registered voters in the great state of Maryland, are anxiously awaiting a, “THANK YOU”, from the two party duopoly, for helping to pay for Tuesday’s nomination process.

So now that the process is over, the Murphy Campaign released a press notice on the 15th of September, in which it clearly identified the Republican Party structure, as the problem. “All we expected was a fair and honest race, based on ideas and principles. But the actions of the Maryland GOP and the RNC prevented that from happening.”

This makes the entire expenditure seem to be another waste of state money, as the Murphy Campaign not only caves on his principles but remains with his unfaithful Party. “I entered the race because I am a fiscal conservative, and Marylanders cannot afford higher taxes or fees. Bob Ehrlich has pledged not to raise either, and so he has my full support in the General Election against Martin O’Malley.

I guess that settles it. In the GOP, money trumps American family values.

Foreign Redistribution of Our Wealth

Foreign Aid has always been a concept that I just don’t agree with.  I have no problem with individuals or churches doing good, or helping-out people from a foreign country, but where in the constitution does it give our government the right to redistribute our wealth to foreigners.  Like many issues that seem to be constitutionally corrupt at the Federal level, state executives should have an opinion as to where this over-reaching national government is unconstitutionally using our money.

My idea of foreign aid is like my recent trip to Peru.  Fifteen pilgrims spent two weeks in Peru, where we worked in shelters run by the Missionaries of Charity in Lima, and Cusco.   We also worked at two feeding centers located at at 10,000 to 14,000 feet above sea level where  we did dental exams on one hundred and twenty kids, provided toothbrushes, toothpaste, vitamins, and toys.

This was all on our dime: airfare, lodging, supplies, etc.  Additionally, we are undertking a fundraiser to help build a shelter for some one hundred and fifty kids to get out of the weather to eat, before they attend class.  It would be wrong to expect my neighbors to forcable anny-up for this effort.  It is just as wrong, to take our tax money and give it to a foreign country to curry favor, or buy their friendship and support.

We need you!

I attended a candidate forum last night at Save A Patriot in Westminster, MD.  It went well.   I found myself clapping for Libertarian rivals, and unless I was mistaken, I heard them clapping for me?  We have a certain comradery based on the fact that neither of our tickets are “establishment”.

After the formal speeches a young mother approached me and pleasantly criticized our effort, because we were not campaigning enough.  I repeat, she was very nice, but she sensed the almost impossible venture we have undertaken.

Ron Paul’s success was not in his planning.  It was in those people who running on pure hope, devised the money bombs, created the meetups, and became the messengers.  All Dr. Paul did was run and show-up when he could.

Eric Knowles and I are running!  If you want real constitutional government in Maryland, we are willing to fight for it.  We are not establishment politicians.  We need people with hope to start the movement.  Let’s restore our country, and lets start with Maryland!


Constitution Party Of Maryland

Meet the Candidates/Recruitment Meeting

2PM Sunday, September 5th at

9 East Main St. Emmitsburg














First blog

Just thought I give this a try. I hope to have something more substantial but if you wish to see where I am coming from, check out the mpt interview: http://www.youtube.com/user/MarylandPublicTV#p/u/0/YIaVRUn3QMc

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