Michael Hargadon

Michael Hargadon

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

  • Political Party: Constitution
  • Birthdate: 09/28/1951
  • Education: MS, DDS
  • Political Experience: Ran for Congress in 2008 against Elijah Cummings, 7th District
  • Professional Experience: Dentistry in the Baltimore area, 27 years

“www.Hargadon4LtGovernor.com ” – Authority: Friends of Mike Hargadon, Bill Knell Treasurer

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Michael Hargadon’s Blog


Last weekend, I was cleaning up some fallen trees, and gathering firewood around the border of my property. I was moving along the yard at a good clip, with my chain saw running great. Suddenly, I felt on my wrist, that unmistakable burning of a bee sting.  I lashed at the burning area, in an attempt to destroy the little bugger that had stung me. No insect was found. I wasn’t sure if it was a hornet, wasp, yellow jacket, or honey bee. Because there was no residual stinger, and two distinct points of burning, I ruled-out the honey bee. I just moved away from the area, and kept cutting the trees, as I cursed the little devil that got me. Then I started to wonder why? Why sting me? What had I done? Did the insect get stuck under my, “Don’t Tread on Me” bracelet?

The next morning I carefully walked to the area where I remembered first feeling the burning. To my surprise, the area in which I had cut two fifteen foot trees into two foot logs was full of yellow jackets coming and going, into their ground nest. Then I realized how lucky I was. Lucky that the one individual guard took the initiative to sting me twice on the wrist. Lucky for me, that it was not a dozen, or a hundred of these ornery yellow jackets pouring over my body. Going back to view the size of the nest, I felt thankful.

Have you been stung recently?

  • Stung by the reduced purchasing value of the Federal Reserve Note?
  • Stung by the lack of confidence in a government that plays too big to fails, and mandated health coverage, against an endangered free market?
  • Stung by the absence of privacy, requiring the batteries out of the cell phones, and covers over digital video devices, just to relax in your own home?
  • Stung by the realization that our federal government responds to the desires of certain foreign nations, and not to the constitutional demands of our own citizens?
  • Stung by a political system that is designed, to appear, to give you a choice?
  • Stung by a government that has entered you under liabilities rather than assets?

Be thankful! Be thankful, and take note of the source of these venomous stings to our rights in our republic.

My bee sting has reduced to an itch. I can’t help but scratch, as I await the first good frost to destroy the nest.

Comments (2 Comments)

  1. John says:


    We feel the stings you mention above. Some times we get angry or mad. Some try to fix the situation. Some try to live with the situation.

    But your point is worth noting, It could have been worse for us. Imagine how life had been had some events and military campaigns not favored Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. Image life had the Allies not won WWII or had Revere not ridden or had Washington not crossed the Delaware River. Imagine also how better it could have been had Kennedy (or even Lincoln) lived. Both actively tried to stop the Federal Reserve.

    So then we must continue to strive against those forces that sting us now. Because if we don’t, the “sting” could be so much worse.


  2. mhargadon says:

    Thanks for your comment. Sorry, but I did not follow how Lincoln tried to deal with the FED? Could you fill me in?

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