Michael Hargadon

Michael Hargadon

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

  • Political Party: Constitution
  • Birthdate: 09/28/1951
  • Education: MS, DDS
  • Political Experience: Ran for Congress in 2008 against Elijah Cummings, 7th District
  • Professional Experience: Dentistry in the Baltimore area, 27 years

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Michael Hargadon’s Blog

Political Volley Ball

I attended a meeting of the Maryland Society of Patriots last night to support and be present for my running mate Eric Knowles, who was scheduled to address the group. There were several other candidates and political individuals scheduled to participate. I was pleasantly surprised to notice a Sun paper reporter, apparently accompanied by a photographer. I immediately notified Eric who had already noticed the press.

The meeting started with Wargotz, GOP candidate for the Senate. He was allowed to go first because, “He is running a state-wide campaign and will have to leave early”, as if Eric Knowles’ candidacy for Governor is just a precinct matter.

Wargotz gave his stump speech of how he is a regular guy, who needs the help of patriot zeal. He offered to answer questions. The first was on health care, to which he started with four strategies to slow down the health care package. None of which dealt with its unconstitutionality. Then he quickly answered a question on foreign policy, to which he concluded that we would always fight for Israel. I was compelled to raise my hand for the “set”, and asked, “You will be taking an oath to defend the Constitution.  Do you think, either this health care package, or our war mongering in the Middle East are constitutional?”

He quickly answered, “No!”, and justified his positions by stating a litany of unconstitutional actions and programs. Because I am a candidate, I thought it best to just let his disregard for the Constitution float amongst the packed room.

He uncomfortably answered two other questions with a statement, “I am doing everything for the people”. Then, almost as an answered prayer, a young buck from a couple rows back, started to make his move. He started with a compliment about Wargotz’s web site. This seemed to relax the budding want-to-be senator. Then this patriot suggested a better quote from our founding fathers for Wargotz to consider on his web site, to curry favor with the patriot movement. Wargotz got a look of concern as if he sensed his vulnerability. Then, you could feel this guy rise above the group to seize his opportunity, “For the people, how about for the Constitution?” “What about the Constitution?” “Where on your web site is the Constitution?” He “spiked” this GOP challenger to Senator Mikulski, and it went down hill from there. Before Wargotz could find the door, he had been arguing with an arrogance usually exhibited from incumbents. Wargotz shouted, “I am tired of people hiding behind the Constitution. I am the Constitution!”

As soon as Wargotz left the room the Sun paper reporter followed, as if a personal servant. Two reports and four candidate’s speeches were squeezed into the remaining program, which ended at 9:00 pm. Eric Knowles, who is on the ballot for Governor of Maryland, gave an inspirational speech, and the house went crazy. Richard Shawver, U. S. Senate candidate from the Constitution Party, clarified Wargotz’s errors, and called attention to the GOP candidate’s soft position on illegal immigration.

As my wife and I left, Wargotz and his Sun paper reporter were chatting outside on the bench. I told the reporter that he missed a great speech by Knowles. He didn’t seem to care. They think they control the game.

Comments (2 Comments)

  1. Tim Heffner says:


    Thanks for the update. Sorry I couldn’t be there to see the Republicrat squirm. If only they knew how foolish they look in the eyes of someone with 1/2 ounce of common sense.

  2. Robert Burrows (QUIN) says:

    All you have to do is embarass any Republicrat or a Democan by mentioning the Constitution. How can anyone say ‘I am tired of people hiding behind the Constitution. I am the Constitution!” Who do they think they are God? (God is God and I don’t want the job!)
    Obviously these so-called moderates progressives (i.e. Commie Pinkos) think that they’re God’s gift to the world. What ever happened to ruling the earth with compassion. responsibility, and satewardship?

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