Michael Reed

Michael Reed

Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 6th District

  • Political Party: Constitution
  • Birthdate: 12/12/1971
  • Education: Univ. of Richmond, Univ. of Tulsa Law
  • Political Experience: None
  • Professional Experience: Associate Settlements, Reed Law Firm

“Congressional accountability and adherence to the Constitution are my priorities.”

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Michael Reed’s Blog

The “Decision”

The Decision

In addition to the promise that I made to Maryland voters during my candidacy announcement to serve no more than three two-year terms (should the voters wish me to serve that long) – I have made another Decision.

No, there is no ESPN™ televised announcement a la LeBron James.  I will get right to the point:

I will not be accepting contributions, donations or any other funding from individuals, business corporations, labor unions, lobbying organizations, or political action committees (PACs).


As your Congressman for the Sixth Congressional District of Maryland, I will not be accepting any funds from individuals, business corporations, labor unions, lobbying organizations, or political action committees (PACs).

Since day one, I have been incredibly flattered and humbled that people have contacted me and sent in donations (which I will be sending back).  Others have called me and asked where to send contributions.

I will not be accepting any political donations or campaign contributions.  I want the voters to save their money, because they will need it to survive the onslaught that our current and previous administrations have thrust upon us.  Please use the money for college savings, family vacations, or tithes and offerings.

I will finance this campaign on my own.  I will not be subject to lobbyists and special interest groups.  I will not be accepting PAC funds from defense and aerospace industries* or any other industry groups for that matter.

What I will accept, and will humbly request from those living in the Sixth Congressional District is your consideration and your vote which will enable me to serve you as your Congressman.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

I hope that you have had a great weekend, and I look forward to meeting you, if I have not done so already.

* http://politics.usnews.com/congress/bartlett-roscoe-g

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