Peter Franchot

Peter Franchot

Candidate for Comptroller

  • Political Party: Democratic
  • Birthdate: 11/27/1947
  • Education: B.A. Amherst College; J.D. Northeastern Law School
  • Political Experience: Comptroller, 2007-, House of Delegates
  • Professional Experience: Staff, Congressman Ed Markey, 1980-86

“I’ve kept my promise to be an independent, fiscal watchdog and promote fairness and opportunity for hardworking Marylanders.”

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Peter Franchot’s Blog

Montgomery Gazette Endorsement of Comptroller Franchot

Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010


Incumbent Democrat Peter V. R. Franchot is the choice for comptroller over Republican challenger William H. Campbell.

Franchot, who served for 20 years in the House of Delegates before winning the 2006 Democratic nomination for comptroller and easily defeating his Republican opponent, has the vital statewide experience needed for tough economic times.

Franchot has cited significant accomplishments, such as collecting millions in previously unrecognized tax revenue. Recently, he announced that more than $162 million has been collected as a result of partnerships with federal agencies to recoup back taxes and other monies from tax scofflaws.

As well as his hawkish approach to tax collection, Franchot maintains an independent opinion — witness his fierce opposition to slots when many key Democrats were trying to rally the party behind that legislation a few years back. This will serve the state well whether O’Malley or Ehrlich wins.

Franchot wants a top-to-bottom review of state spending to establish clear priorities. He offers an independent voice and a professional, calculated approach.

Greater Washington Board of Trade Endorses Comptroller Franchot

Silver Spring, MD (October 17, 2010) – Reflecting his strong record of engagement with Maryland employers, and his commitment to a vibrant and competitive business climate, Comptroller Peter Franchot has been endorsed for re-election by the Greater Washington Board of Trade.

“Your experience and continued commitment to the State is of note, as is your understanding of the important business issues for the region,” said Board of Trade Chairman James W. Dyke and President/CEO James C. Dinegar in an October 15 letter to the Comptroller.

Since taking office, Comptroller Franchot has worked closely with the Board of Trade as part of his comprehensive outreach to employers throughout the state.  Several Board of Trade members have participated on the Comptroller’s Business Advisory Council, which meets informally to offer perspective on issues of importance to the region’s  economy and to the Comptroller’s Office.

The Board of Trade has also been well-represented at the annual Economic Advisory Forums that advise the Board of Revenue Estimates, which the Comptroller chairs, on current economic conditions and anticipated trends.  Earlier this year, the Board endorsed the Comptroller’s efforts to pass legislation that would establish a statewide graduation requirement in financial literacy – a bipartisan initiative that the Comptroller plans to renew in the 2011 General Assembly.

“I am deeply honored to have the Board of Trade’s support in my re-election campaign.  More important, I am grateful for the sound and pragmatic advice that their members have provided me over these past four years,” said Comptroller Franchot.  “Four years ago, I promised to be an independent voice and a fiscal watchdog for Maryland’s taxpayers, and my working relationship with the Board has helped me fulfill that commitment while making my own agency even more responsive and effective.”

Easton Star Democrat Endorses Peter Franchot

The Star Democrat has put their support behind Comptroller Peter Franchot for re-election:

Posted: Sunday, October 17, 2010 1:00 am | Updated: 8:42 am, Sun Oct 17, 2010.

The Star Democrat editorial board recently met to discuss this year’s political candidates, their campaigns and our preferences for leadership.

We’ve had many opportunities to observe the candidates at informal meet and greets, at political forums, at announcements for various “feel good” projects and in several cases, personally, during visits to our office and editorial board meetings.

Our discussions throughout this election season have centered on issues affecting Maryland and in particular, the Eastern Shore including taxes, spending, jobs, the Chesapeake Bay’s health and its effects on watermen and farmers and transportation. We considered visits to the Shore (those who did and those who did so sparingly), a candidate’s character, how he/she handled various circumstances and how effective that candidate will be in representing constituents after Nov. 2.

Here are our choices so far:

U.S. Senate Barbara Mikulski. Sen. Mikulski consistently has fought for continued funding to expand the lanes of heavily traveled state Route 404 to make it safer. She has been on the forefront on bringing broadband money here to improve the Shore’s business and individual Internet connections to the rest of the world. While the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center for Ruthsburg got the bump, we credit Sen. Mikulski for looking out for the average guy/gal and trying to bring much needed well-paying jobs to the region. She also stood up to U.S. Postal officials who tried to close the Eastern Shore Processing and Distribution Facility and move those jobs elsewhere and move the work they do for the entire Eastern Shore from here in Easton to Baltimore. Sen. Mikulski has been a steadfast friend to the Eastern Shore and her representation of Maryland’s best interests can be counted on.

Governor Martin O’Malley. Mr. O’Malley, like many governors throughout the nation, has faced revenue shortfalls while still trying to manage the state’s budget and services in a downturn economy. His decisions haven’t always been popular, but he has had a unique set of challenges to face as Marylanders cope with job losses, business closures and losing their homes. We appreciate that he has focused on education Maryland’s schools have twice been named best in the nation and helping college students by not increasing tuition costs at the state’s colleges and universities. Returning former Gov. Robert Ehrlich to Annapolis just doesn’t seem like the right move for Maryland’s future. His late entry into this contest and his previous fiscal policies seem out of step for the times we now face.

Comptroller Peter Franchot. Mr. Franchot is a regular visitor to the towns, villages and communities that make up the Eastern Shore and has a real knack for understanding Shore issues. He takes constituents’ concerns to heart when he faces those topics when they are brought before the Board of Public Works’ meetings in Annapolis. Mr. Franchot is not a rubber stamp kind of public servant. He considers the issues carefully and is not afraid to be a lone voice or to stand up to special interests and deep pockets. From large projects to small problems, Mr. Franchot follows up to make sure the public’s money is being spent wisely and frugally.

Comptroller Peter Franchot Looks Out For Maryland Taxpayers

Four years ago, I promised to work to make Maryland’s tax filing process more user friendly and to reward those who do the right thing.
I promised to fight for tax fairness by collecting from those who refused to pay their share. And I also promised to be an independent fiscal watchdog who would safeguard your hard-earned tax dollars.
I have kept these promises.
Today, more Marylanders than ever are filing their taxes electronically and getting their refunds in just three days.
My office has worked hard to promote electronic filing because it’s not only quick, safe and easy for taxpayers, it saves the state money in processing costs.
By closing corporate tax loopholes, investing in innovative technology and cracking down on tax cheats, my office has recaptured more than $1 billion in money already owed to the state.  This money is sorely needed for new schools, better roads and transit, safer communities and a healthier Bay.
The centerpiece of my “Tax Fairness Initiative” is a new state-of-the-art tax collection system that has already helped us recapture more than $60 million in taxes owed to the state of Maryland.  The new system — the Modernized Integrated Tax System — will ultimately help my agency recapture as much as $100 million annually.
As a member of the Board of Public Works, I have strongly opposed wasteful state spending from things like overpriced slot machines and bailouts for failing businesses.
I will continue to lead by example within my own agency and advocate for state government to learn from the private sector to live within its means and get better services at lower costs.
To accomplish this, we need to have a top-to-bottom review of state spending, inclusive of business. By enacting commonsense measures like electronic vendor payments and online purchasing, my agency is saving the state hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.
I have an open door policy and believe in a transparent and accountable government.
I hope to continue to represent and serve you as Comptroller for another four years.
I would be honored to have your support.

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