Roger Berwanger

Roger Berwanger

Candidate for Register of Wills, Anne Arundel County

  • Political Party: Republican
  • Birthdate: 10/03/1942
  • Education: BS Economics U of MD; MBA Finance Loyola College
  • Political Experience: None
  • Professional Experience: 35+ yrs business experience BS, MBA

“Good government saves taxpayers’ dollars and improves services using 'best business practices'. Businesses do it; why not government?”

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Roger Berwanger’s Blog

Running for Office

I’ll begin by saying how much I would enjoy having a personal dialogue with each of you who will vote for the Register of Wills for Anne Arundel County in September. I believe if you knew me, you would feel good and be happy you elected me. Although I’ve never been a “career politician”, I have dealt very effectively for many years with corporate politics. I have also been effective at dealing with the politics of international government organizations seeking bank loans for large projects. If we could chat, it would be fun to help you better understand what the Register of Wills does and why I’m so well suited to making it work better.

The Office and What it Does
The Register of Wills is an Administrative office. If you take nothing else from this blog, please remember this part: The Office does NOT require an attorney nor does it require a politician to do the best job of running it. I believe a strong, experienced business person is the “ticket to ride”. So what does the Office do?

• Appoints personal representatives to administer decedents’ estates;
• Oversees the proper and timely administration of these proceedings;
• Assists and advises in the preparation of all required forms;
• Maintains and preserves the permanent record of proceedings;
• Serves as Clerk to the Orphans’ Court;
• Tracks estates and refers delinquent matters to the Court;
• Determines and collects inheritance taxes and probate fees/court costs;
• Audits accounts of personal representatives and guardians;
• Mails various notices and court orders;
• Verifies compliance with court orders; and
• Provides safekeeping for wills of living persons, as a service.

Why me?
• 29 years – AA County resident
• 35+ years – Executive-level management and administration (mostly Finance)
• 12+ years – Small business owner (know all about “making payroll” and helping workers thrive)
• MBA Finance – Loyola College
• BS Economics – University of MD College Park
• Advanced skills and in-depth experience in administration, arbitration, analysis, and implementing organization improvements to save money and increase revenue.

My Promise
If elected, I will perform the sworn duties of the Register of Wills with integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and personal dedication by utilizing “best business practices” to save the taxpayers’ money whenever possible.

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