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Troy Stouffer

Candidate for U.S. House Of Representatives -- 2nd District

  • Political Party: Republican
  • Birthdate: 10/24/1969
  • Education: High School
  • Political Experience: Never held public office
  • Professional Experience: U.S. Submarine Navy Veteran; currently work in Health Care

“Let's Bring Common Sense Back To Government.”

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The Arizona Immigration Law Firestorm

When Arizona passed their law stating that they would essentially do what the Federal government is afraid to do, a political firestorm was ignited.  The proponents of illegal immigration began to immediately cry that the Arizona law was denying the non-citizens of their constitutional rights.  President Obama even decried the evil intentions of the law.  Most likely the most amusing reaction was the call to boycott everything Arizona, including Arizona Iced Tea which is brewed and shipped from Long Island, New York.

The problem with the over the top reactions is that the Arizona law is an exact replica of the Federal law, which the Federal government has been loathe to enforce.  The simple fact remains that because the career politicians, from both political parties, have lacked the resolve to actually enforce a law that is already on the books.

As a nation we need to come to a decision that will shape either or our future or our downfall.  I do not make this statement lightly.  This decision will affect every aspect of our country.  The decision is simply this, “Are we a nation of laws, or not?”  If we are willing to ignore this law, why bother enforcing any other law?  The laws have already been written but we have allowed our elected leaders to ignore them because they see some sort of political advantage.

The first step in solving our illegal immigration issues is to secure our borders.  Congress passed legislation over two years ago to construct a fence along our southern border.  In typical bureaucratic fashion, they never saw it through to the end.  The spineless politicians in Washington DC claim that building a fence several hundred miles long is a difficult task, much too difficult to complete overnight.  Their argument is laughable at best.  This country built railroads coast to coast, the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center Towers, and a 26-mile bridge tunnel.  The American spirit is unstoppable when bureaucratic roadblocks set up by career politicians do not hamper it.  A difficult task is not impossible unless the task is abandoned altogether.

After securing our borders, we need to enforce the laws concerning employers who employ illegal aliens.  The enforcement on employers will cause them to stop hiring illegal aliens.  Without a means of income, many will return home or at least leave the country of their own volition.  Those that have still refused to leave must then be sent home.

This is not a heartless position; it is a position that is in accordance with existing law.  The United States was made up of legal immigrants.  In the 1980’s we tried amnesty, and we were told that if we just grant them amnesty now it would solve the problem of illegal immigration once and for all.  It did not work then and it will not work now.  We need Common Sense solutions to our country’s problems.  Again I say, “Are we a nation of laws, or not?”  The decision is ours to make, and we need to make it now.  On which side of the law will you stand?

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  1. Mh2467 says:

    America is a nation of laws. The problem is how we have chosen to enforce them. On the issue of immigration and the undocumented, when its been in our best interest we chose to look the other way. Now, that we are in dire economic times, we have resorted to the old tactic of scapegoating. What group to best target, the immigrants we let in when we needed their services. Now that our economic reality has changed, lets become “a nation of laws”. How hypocritcal. The immigration issue is not that simple. It has far reaching social, economic, and human right dimensions. Our leaders need to fix our broken immigration laws. If we want to make sure that we do not continue on the same path we walked for the last few decades, then it is up to our leadership to tackle this issue with meaningful, thought out solutions that insure we address the misteps of our past and insure lawful enforcement of just immigration laws for our future generations.

    • I believe that we haven’t had any leadership regarding our immigration policy in years and that to be a nation of laws we need to enforce those laws. The practice of picking and choosing which laws to enforce creates an atmosphere of hypocrisy. Every time some politician in DC, regardless of political party, starts talking about the need for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” they are pushing for some sort of amnesty for illegal aliens. They tried to sneak it in during the summer of 2007, but the public outcry forced them to stop. Now we have a Congress that has shown their willingness to spit in the face of their constituents and on the Constitution to force through unpopular legislation. What needs to happen on Immigration is that we need to secure our borders, enforce the existing immigration laws, and stop handing out free money to every illegal alien who ignores our laws. After that, then we can have a discussion about whether or not we need to reform our immigration policy. Our immigration laws are legal and should be enforced. The Constitution mandates that the Federal Government has the authority over our “Naturalization” policies. Until they change the laws legally through the legislative process, the existing laws should be obeyed and enforced.

  2. William T Capps Jr. ( Capps for State Senate District 31) says:

    The problem with immigration is the federal government being too slow, in processing the Applications. This in no way condones those who enter the USA in a unlawful manor.
    Last year with the Blessing of Paulette Faulkner I had exposed, the firing of her from Social Service, after she wrote the Governor of Maryland. She had question the legality of Social Service giving out benefits too illegals.
    What is more frustrating is this! The entire elected body in Annapolis sat on a report, that the committee that overseas Social Service. In that report, it stated that Social Service was giving out millions of tax dollars benefits to people with bogus social security numbers.
    This is a drain on the Maryland treasury at the cost of the Maryland tax payer. Not to mention the Citizens of District 31 are fed up with it.
    This continues give away, is not only wrong, but could effect funding for social service from Washington. If Washington decided to enforce the laws on the books, they could withhold funding from Maryland. The risk is too high. You also have to consider how wages are suppressed when illegals are hired from companies, who break the law, when they hire illegals.

    William T Capps Jr.
    Candidate for State Senate.
    District 31.

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